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Automatic Temperature Controls Installation

"An automatic thermostat can save you 15% to 25%!"

programable thermostatIt can be expensive to leave the temperature inside your home or facility constant day and night. It is far more economical set the cooling temperature at a higher level when no one is around. Programmable thermostats allow you to do this automatically.

Savings from a programmable thermostat or control system can be very impressive. Recent studies show that proper usage of a programmable thermostat can cut a business' cooling costs by 15 to 25%.

Technology options

At Energy Mechanical we are air conditioning and indoor comfort specialists and we offer a wide array of thermostats & controls designed to provide total comfort and impressive energy savings.

We will evaluation your building and comfort requirements to make recommendations on which type of thermostat perfectly matches your specific needs. There are a variety of automatic and programmable thermostats designed for all commercial and industrial applications.

Digital Thermostats...

Their LED or LCD digital read-out and data entry pads or buttons identifies digital thermostats. They offer the widest range of features and flexibility and digital thermostats can be used with most air conditioning systems. They provide precise temperature control and permit customized scheduling.

Programming some models can be fairly complicated and your Energy Mechanical technician will show you how to program the model you select and make sure you are comfortable with the functions and operation of the thermostat you choose.

Outdoor reset...
is when we have a control on the boiler that will sense outside air temperature and re-adjust the heating system temperatures to a minimum to satisfy the heat loss of the Building. The heat loss of a Building changes with outside air temperature. As the outside air temperature gets colder, the heating system gets warmer, and as the outside temperature gets warmer the system temperature gets cooler. This does two major things for us. One it will have huge fuel savings and second it creates more comfort within the building. While running at lower temperatures in the radiation than we were used to, the radiation will feel cooler but the comfort level is increased and the cost of operation will greatly decrease. We are running cooler radiation temperatures around us for a longer period of time. It becomes almost a trickle of warmth all the time which tries to mimic constant heat. We do not feel temperature changes within the structure. To maximize the fuel savings one needs to properly adjust the reset curve which changes from application to application. Outdoor reset controls have numerous settings which let you dial in a maximum fuel savings, but, many are left at factory defaults which work but not as efficiently as setting the control to match your specific system and home.

***8 out of 10 systems are not set or calibrated properly to maximize these benefits – this is where a routine maintenance comes in a great savings value

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